What a wonderful night of worship and time to be Recharged.  Thank you to May Patterson and our panel of ladies for being faithful to the call God has placed on your life.

Here is a note from May:

Hi Ladies!

Being with you last week was such a joy and a privilege! I hope you left with your heart overflowing with God’s abundant love. My prayer is that you will keep feeling, thinking and living in this love every day because this is the reality for every child of God. 

We can depend on this love, daily.

It gives us a sense of identity, self-worth and purpose.

God’s love enables us to love others, like we never could on our own.

I write about God’s love and promises, a couple of times a month, striving to demonstrate the immense value of being a child of God. I write stories to encourage and uplift.

I’d love for you to have access to my writing, so ping me back at hello@maypatterson.com if you’d like to subscribe to my website (it’s free, all I need is your name in a quick email).